Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday I will post a “throwback” post from JJ’s birth on up. That way you can get caught up in his life and see what we have gone through as a family. It is a pretty amazing ride, if you ask me.

July 9, 2013

Once I was back in my recovery room my wonderful Nurse was taking my blood pressure. It was really low and my heart rate was really high. I was on some serious pain medicine and the Nurse took my blood pressure 3 times before leaving the room. It was something like 80 over another number I can’t remember. My OB came in and told me that my baby was very sick and that they didn’t think she was going to make it. Then the Director of the NICU came and told me about the same thing. A few minutes later John came in with a solemn look on his face. I looked at him and asked “Is she dead?” He looks at me, smiles, and says “No and it’s not a she!” I thought he was lying to me. We had had several ultrasounds and all of them said a baby girl. I couldn’t believe it! I sent my parents with John to confirm and when they came back I was still in shock. So finally my sweet Nurse called the charge Nurse of the NICU and that Nurse said it was a girl. So my Nurse said well we have a daddy here that thinks that girl is a boy and he is very excited. So both of those Nurses went to the NICU and came back to tell me that I had indeed delivered a sweet little boy. Our little guy was even admitted to the NICU as a girl. The Nurses had to call and get everything squared away. My labor and delivery Nurse had to re-write her notes from my delivery.

Now you can imagine how I must be feeling! We have wanted a little boy for so long and then to get one just in time to be told we may not be able to keep him. As I was being wheeled in my bed to the Mother and Baby wing they pushed me by his incubater in the NICU because they were that sure I would never see him again.  Luckily our little guy is such a fighter. He responded to every treatment the Dr’s and Nurse’s gave him.We are no means out of the woods but he is doing so much better and has blown the minds of the 20 Dr’s and Nurse’s that were working on him moments after delivery.

Note that this is only until 10 am on the 9th….

Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday I will post a “throwback” post from JJ’s birth on up. That way you can get caught up in his life and see what we have gone through as a family. It is a pretty amazing ride, if you ask me.

As you know I have been living in the hospital since 25 weeks pregnant. My goal was to make it to 34 weeks. Well the baby had other plans.

On July 8th, 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I woke up feeling pretty good. I had a good night’s sleep and my Dr. was so excited at how well the baby and I were doing. I had some friends come and visit and paint my nails. Everything was going ok. At about 7 pm I got strapped onto the NST monitor (non stress test they listen to the baby’s heartbeat for 20 min). Well this time the baby’s heart beat was faster than it has been. Usually we are around 130-135 and this time it was more around 185-187. We just watched it and the nurses knew I would be back on in about 3 hours. At 10 pm I asked the Nurse if I could do the NST early so I could go to bed. I got hooked up and about 5 minutes later I started getting lower abdominal pain. The baby’s heart rate was still high but they figured it was just excited or bothered by something. Once the NST was done I told the Nurse I was in pain but I think it was because I was sitting too long. So I laid down. About 15 minutes later I called the Nurse back in because the pain was getting worse. She then called my Dr. and he wanted me to get a blood draw, urinalysis, and be kept on the monitor all night. When the results of the blood draw came back it showed my  white blood cells skyrocketed from 15 to 18.9 which showed there was an infection. Also my UTI was back. After another hour the pain turned into full on contractions. They were about every 5 minutes. I got some pain meds and was able to fall asleep. At this time I had called John and told him to spend the night. At about 3 am I woke up with my pillow on fire. I called the Nurse in and she took my temp and it was 101.5. Plus the baby’s heart rate was not responding well after each contraction. The Nurse called my Dr. again and came back to tell me I was going to be prepped for a c-section. I was terrified. I had never had one and didn’t want one but I was only dilated to a 1 and the baby was not doing well. The anesthesiologist was so kind and patient and stayed at my head the whole time asking me questions. When the Dr. pulled out the baby, John had only a few seconds to see it before the NICU team took it away. It wasn’t crying or breathing on it’s own. Once I was getting fixed up John headed to check on the baby.

The baby was born on July 9th at 5:22 am. It was 2 lbs 6.8 ounces and 13.5 inches long.

Where I Have Been…

If you hadn’t noticed it has been a few months since I did a blog post. Well part of me wanted to give up on telling our story and the other part was dealing with kiddos that kept wanting to get sick.

After talking to some really supportive friends I decided to keep going with our story. As for the sick kids it didn’t really last long except for one.

Around here we use DoTERRA CPTG essential oils. I use them for a myriad of things but mostly to keep our little ones healthy. Once JJ was born we realized how crucial it was to keep germs and illnesses away from him. For example, when he was in the NICU he caught rhinovirus, a cold, and it collapsed his lung and put his coming home off a full week. To help my home stay germ free we have a system in place. My kiddos have to change out of school clothes once they get home. They need to wash their hands before playing with JJ. I also diffuse On Guard essential oil to help eliminate the airborne germs. At night all of us put On Guard on the bottoms of our feet and diffuse it and Breathe while we sleep. Breathe has really helped open our airways and makes it easier for me to tolerate my hubby’s snoring.

Sadly, for JJ, his illness came on so quickly this past month that I didn’t get a chance to add extra support. JJ caught rhinovirus again and enterovirus, stomach bug, that sent him to the hospital for dehydration. JJ is fed through a feeding tube and when he throws up there isn’t really a way to keep him hydrated unless it is through an IV. AFter a 24 hour stay at our local hospital we were discharged. We were able to get JJ back up to his normal feeds within 3 days. That was on Nov 2nd and 3rd.


Now fast forward to Nov 9th. We woke up as normal and started our morning routine. JJ was sort of gagging and acting like he wanted to throw up then BAM! His head jerked to the right, his eyes diverted to the right, and his right arm started jerking. It went on for about 4 minutes and then he would look around for about a minute. After that minute he started again. I will be honest and tell you I was FREAKING OUT! John, the hubs, stayed calm but I was crying and scaring the kiddos. I finally got my act together long enough to call my Mom to babysit and get us to the van. I sat in the back with JJ and John drove up to Primary Children’s Hospital. JJ kept seizing. We finally made it to the ER and as soon as we walked in a Nurse saw us and took us straight back. She started calling over her voice thing and people started swarming to JJ’s room. At that moment I became “medical Mom” and got down to business. I started filling them in of his history and what meds he was on. John, at that moment, was able to break down. (I think we make a pretty great team)


The Nurse gave him a med to stop his seizure and it worked but it also made him apnec. Which means he went a LONG time in between breaths. They had to intubate him. Once they got an IV in they got x-rays and took him up for a CT scan. See, JJ has a shunt because he has hydrocephalus. The cerebral spinal fluid or CSF wasn’t draining properly and caused fluid build up on his brain. At 4 months old he had a shunt put in and the fluid build up stopped. However, shunts have been known to back up, cause infections, etc. Since he was having symptoms that are similar to shunt failure they went through the protocol. The x-ray looked fine but we had to wait for Neurosurgery to go over his CT. We were put into the PICU, pediatric intensive care unit, while we waited for things to be figured out. Thankfully, it was not the shunt so that meant no surgery and that he could be taken off the ventilator. However, that also meant we had no idea why he was having seizures. They said that because of his extensive brain damage from birth and having cerebral palsy it was always a possibility.

The Neurology department put him on a seizure med and then kept him overnight to monitor his reaction to the med and to make sure his breathing was fine. The next day, Nov 10, we were discharged and able to go home armed with a new med and new adventure to figure out.



Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday I will post a “throwback” post from JJ’s birth on up. That way you can get caught up in his life and see what we have gone through as a family. It is a pretty amazing ride, if you ask me.

June 20, 2013

I had another appointment with my Perinatologist. He wanted to make sure everything was going well with Baby girl. Our Dr noticed that my fluid level was low around the baby.  There are 3 reasons why that can happen. Two of them have to do with the baby’s kidneys but after a thorough check those were ruled out. That only left one option. My water broke already.  It is called PPROM, Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes. The Perinatologist then told me he was going to go call my OBGYN and fill him in and asked if I would wait for his return. Ten minutes later the Perinatologist AND my OBGYN enter the room. Turns out my OB had just finished delivering a baby and was upstairs near the Perinatologists office. I was really happy with that because then I could hear the entire conversation about me and the baby. After we caught up my OB it was decided that I had 2 hours to go home, pack, get my 4 kiddos situated and get back to the hospital. I would live there until the baby was born. They were hoping for August 24th, which is when I would be 34 weeks along. However, that would only be if the baby didn’t come sooner. I was 25 weeks along at the time so it is going to an interesting summer.

Thankfully, my Mom lives close by, John works from home, and John’s sister Janet moved in with us. She was going to law school near us and decided to move here sooner than originally planned. I had a lot of visitors and care packages sent from out of town family and friends. Plus a lot of Lifetime movies to keep me occupied. Also the Nursing staff was fantastic and some became really good friends.

Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday I will post a “throwback” post from JJ’s birth on up. That way you can get caught up in his life and see what we have gone through as a family. It is a pretty amazing ride, if you ask me.

May 9, 2013

I had a gender check ultrasound scheduled with my Perinatologist. I was 19 weeks along and all the ultrasounds that I had in the past few months showed the babies growing at the same rate and the same size.

The technician started the ultrasound and was chatting with my hubby and me. Suddenly, she stopped talking and started looking closely at the screen and taking pics of the video. She said she needed to discuss something with the Dr and then left. My heart sunk. I have been in this situation before and it was never a good sign. I started to cry. The Dr came in and confirmed what I was feeling. Baby B no longer had a heartbeat. Thankfully, Baby A was still doing well and had a healthy heartbeat. I asked what would happen next with Baby B. The Dr told me that it would sort of cocoon itself and stay there until I delivered Baby A. He said everything showed him that I would continue a healthy pregnancy with Baby A. Sadly, the baby wouldn’t cooperate to find out the gender. As I was leaving the office I scheduled another gender check.

May 29, 2013

At the gender check our technician Jodi, same one who told us we were having twins, let us know we were having a girl! She knew we already have 4 girls at home so she did a thorough check and took  a lot of pictures so we could show everyone Baby girl #5. We decided to call her Kelsey Lynne….